"Meet Michael Bowermaster ’21"- Student Profile for the University of Miami


By Nancy Abramson | 10/24/2017

For Michael Bowermaster ’21, a College of Engineering (CoE) biomedical engineering major, the journey to the CoE was not a long one. Born and raised in Miami, Michael has always had the University of Miami on his radar. For one, his mother works at the University as a financial analyst in the Development Services Department. More importantly, though, Michael has long held an interest in prosthetics and the CoE has a renowned biomedical engineering program. A multidisciplinary field, biomedical engineering includes applications such as the design of medical devices, implants and prostheses.

“I have a dream of developing a prosthetic that would be better than a human limb,” Michael says.

Michael expects to augment his biomedical engineering major with a minor in computer science. He explains that he’s been a “computer freak” since he was a little kid, but most of what he’s learned, he’s taught himself. He looks forward to formal classroom learning.

While the combination of biomedical engineering and computer science requires serious commitment, Michael’s personality will add levity to the rigor of his studies. Friends describe him as someone who never fails to make people laugh, at least once a day.

Already, Michael is planning extra-curricular activities. He intends to join UM’S Engineers Without Borders (UM-EWB), an organization that focuses on finding sustainable solutions for communities in need and implementing community-driven development programs to improving the quality of life in those communities.

In his future career, Michael is sure he will be involved in making custom prosthetics, but he wonders if he will find a career where his dual passions of prosthetics and computer science coalesce. “It would be interesting to find a career path where they overlap,” Michael says. In the meantime, he has put himself on the right path to one-day transform prosthetic design.

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